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Paperboard is a versatile material with a myriad of uses and a multitude of benefits. At Robert Wilson Paper, we are a leading supplier of custom paperboard products perfect for packaging, signage, POP displays, media covers, and a whole host of other end-use applications. Paperboard is a natural material that is economical, very customizable, and has exceptional printing properties. We supply paperboard in a wide variety of grades and weights to support the functional demands of your application. Along with premium uncoated board in an array of colors, we distribute paperboard with specialty coatings on one or both sides. Our offering includes chipboard, mat board, as well as corrugated materials with foil, film, and Mylar laminations available as options. We supply paperboard in 12 point caliper for card stock all the way up to rigid paperboard measuring up to 0.5” in thickness for creating impressive luxury packaging.

Paperboard can be shipped to you in custom roll sizes or as pre-cut sheets. With our die cutting capabilities, we can convert your paperboard into specialty shapes scored for easy transformation into a folding carton. We have in-house laminating machinery for creating unique and decorative materials for use in household items and other consumer goods. Companies in every industry use paperboard to create vividly graphic folding cartons, setup boxes, and other types of packaging.

With industry ties that date back over a century, we have strong relationships with many mills and producers. We fulfill orders both small and large, usually within a week, and our prices are very competitive. Contact us directly to learn more about the versatility and quality of our paperboard products.

Custom Paperboards
Custom Paperboards

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Paperboard Highlights

Custom Die Cutting
Product Form
Chipboard – plain, solid black, pasted
SBS - coated 1 side and 2 side and uncoated
Binders Board
Premium uncoated Board in colors
Clay Coated Kraft and News board
Display Board
Foil, Film and Mylar Laminated Board
Black Paperboard
Colored Corrugated board
12pt - 0.5"
Available in a range of Sheet and Roll sizes
Intended Application
Folding cartons
Set up box
Point of purchase
Book covers
Game boards
Specialty laminated products
Production Volume
High Volume
Large Run
Low Volume
Small Run
Specialty Production Shop
Lead Times Available
48 hrs - days
4-5 Days - weeks
Quoted on job by job basis
Emergency services available
Rush Services Available

Additional Information

Industries Served
Home Aromatherapy
Book Binding
Scent Marketing
Industrial Packaging
Packaging & Converting
Paper & Pulp
Paper Mill