Specialty Paper Distribution

At Robert Wilson Paper, we have been offering specialty papers to designers, printers, converters, artisans, and creative marketing professionals for close to 100 years. Founded in 1918, we are a family-owned, customer–focused business and offer an expertly curated selection of papers with an expansive range of aesthetic and functional properties. We represent multiple paper mills and our featured services include custom manufacturing and converting, laminating, and die cutting.

We offer an extensive selection of paper, paperboard, and lightweight and heavyweight fiber-based products. Whether you need a luxurious fine arts paper, mat board for framing, decorative packaging materials or a printable and absorbent grade of paper in a custom die cut shape for drink coasters or fragrance samples, we can accommodate your request. Along with bookbinding supplies, photo album stock, pressure sensitive laminates, and color corrugated materials, we provide parchment and archival paper, handmade papers, and materials that are custom treated for technical and industrial applications. Whatever your specialty, we have a solution.

As procurement specialists, we are committed to furnishing you with superior performing materials in the size and quantity you need. Paper is our passion, and we work one-on-one with you to develop a creative paper idea or solve a technical challenge. With our flexible scheduling, order sizes, and delivery options, we are a versatile resource for all of your specialty paper needs. For more information about our specialty paper products and services, including our inventory management and stocking programs, contact us directly.

Specialty Paper Distribution Highlights

General Capabilities

Specialty Paper Distributor
Custom Manufacturer

Custom Converter
Manufacturer’s Representative

Board Types

Folding box
Colored Corrugated
Coaster stock
Foil board
Fine art board

Paperboard – boxboard, book cover board, folding carton board, chipboard, black board, sbs
Beer coaster board
Cotton papers/boards
Colored papers/boards
Pulp board

Paper Types

Letterpress papers
Absorbent specialties
Scented specialties
Arts and crafts papers
Text and cover papers
Book cover material
Latex impregnated papers
Glassine kraft specialties
Lightweight and heavyweight specialties
Colored corrugated parchment—treated and untreated
Photo album stock
Food grade papers
Blotter papers
Absorbent papers
Filter papers
Industrial papers – glassine, kraft, light weight black paper
Packaging papers
Premium writing, text, cover, and specialty papers
Latex impregnated papers
Printing papers
Pressure sensitive papers
Cover material
Stationary paper
Letterpress papers
Premium printing papers
Liquid processing papers
Handmade papers
Coated/treated papers – silicone, wax, quilon, poly
Release liner papers
Parchment paper
Barrier papers
Color corrugated
Glassine paper


Cosmetic / retail boxes
Set up boxes
Folding cartons
Beer coaster board
Drink coaster board
Air fresheners
Car fresheners
Home Aromatherapy
Wedding/photographic albums
Invitations, greeting cards, announcements
Sign and display board
Odor control
Deodorant discs
Industrial end uses – moisture barriers, interleavers, product wrapping and protecting
Medical and biotech blotters – liners, pads and spill control
Decorative paper for designers or branding

Production Volume

Low Volume
High Volume

Blanket Orders
Make and Hold Orders

Lead Times

Next Day Delivery
Up to 10 Weeks
Quoted on job by job basis

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Home Aromatherapy
Book Binding
Scent Marketing
Industrial Packaging

Packaging & Converting
Paper & Pulp
Paper Mill

File Formats

BMP – Bit Mapped Graphics
DXF – Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format
GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
JPG or JEPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group
PDF – Portable Document Format